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Safety Professionals

Safety Professionals – Person in Charge

“Organizations are focusing on reputation management – and keeping workforces safe to be perceived as good corporate citizens.” 

Certified Safety Professionals

EHS Professional

Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are persons who perform professional level safety duties. This includes making worksite assessments to determine risks, assessing potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluating incident and loss records, and preparing emergency response plans.


Other duties may include hazard recognition, fire protection, regulatory compliance, health hazard control, ergonomics, hazardous materials management, environmental protection, training, accident and incident, investigations, advising management, record keeping, emergency response, managing safety programs, product safety and/or security.

Safety Professionals (EHS)

Onsite Field Representation

Retention of the best field safety professionals starts with recruiting, staffing and hiring strategies, as well as adherence to policies and procedures. Hiring qualified employees is more challenging as employers are hiring employees from a shrinking pool of qualified candidates.

DCS has a pre-qualified candidate pool to fill your position and the needs surrounding professional safety services. This allows us to develop relationships with your potential candidates long before you need them.

We pre-screen, conduct background checks, perform drug/alcohol testing, and will ensure vocational enhancement requirements are met to fulfill the criteria of the specified job descriptions.

DCS will recruit and staff: EHS Professionals and Field Safety Representatives/Advisors in the following areas:

Design & Installation Services

We offer expert Design and Installation Services for fire protection, gas detection, communications and respiratory protection systems.

Also, we handle procurement, project management, testing and commissioning for the  systems that protect your workers, facility, equipment, environment and community. This ensures the continuity of your operations.

Industrial Hygiene

A healthy and safe work environment improves staff productivity, boosts morale and reduces absenteeism.

DCS can assist with the management of occupational health and safety goals in your workplace. This will result in productivity growth and decreases corporate liabilities.


Environmental Site Assessment

Mitigation of environmental liabilities, or the remediation of a contaminated site, demands that all aspects of the property, including historical use, geology, surface and groundwater, future land and water use, and risk is  understood, evaluated and integrated into a cost effective plan.

DCS’s team of professionals offer the environmental services that you may require, and work with your project team to build essential service packages to suit your requirements.

DCS works with industrial, commercial, residential and remote area sites. We serve clients in oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, as well as municipal and federal governments.


Hazardous Materials Risk Evaluation & Management

Hazardous materials are found in nearly every building and work environment. In general, these materials are not hazardous unless they become degraded or disturbed.

DCS’s professionals are experienced in identifying and dealing with hazardous materials in the work place. We will assist your team on identification, risk evaluation, handling, management and remediation of hazardous materials.l

Person in Charge (PIC)

DCS currently furnishes Person IN Charge (PIC) personnel to our petroleum pipeline partners. They serve in a job site representative and liaison role on behalf of the pipeline owners and operators.

Our PIC personnel are available to support project engineers and pipeline management with the progression of their projects and the daily demands that may impact those operations.

PIC personnel are closely associated with the field operations and contractor coordination for the purpose of efficient production and safe work practices. Most of our projects are highly visible to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Office of Pipeline Safety. Consequently, DCS strives to furnish industry with the best candidates suitable to represent the demands and expectations of all jurisdictional regulatory bodies.

We only provide PICs who meet the DOT Operator-Qualification requirements and educational backgrounds pursuant to their specific scopes of work. Our PICs are assessed for their competency in the areas of enforcing DOT and the American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines as it pertains to pipeline maintenance, retrofits, modifications and new construction.